Call for Contributions

Opaque Infrastructures

Programme at ‚Artists Unlimited‘ for Nachtansichten Bielefeld, 30. April 2016.


Aesthetical recognition and physical encounters of various power patterns have played a crucial role throughout history in strategizing cognitive resistance against dominant political and economical ideologies. However, accelerated decentralizations of political, economical, and ideological power structures have increasingly complicated an understanding and confronting of these structures from a radical perspective. The following interview with a street activist manifests the issues related to the contemporary predicament of setting up political struggle:


J.N: What is the purpose of breaking the windows of banks? What is the damage you intend to cause banks by this action?


P.T: By cracking the windows of a bank we do not mean to cause damage to them, rather to strategically embody the obscured/immaterial algorithmic financial infrastructure.

But recently we have been facing unusual problems. It is getting more and more difficult to hit the windows; very often cobble stones fly through the buildings’ walls as if they have lost their material body.


Infrastructures are manicured away and their physical bodies are removed from public sight. Cognitive, financial, technological, embodied, biological, or social infrastructures often appear blackboxed and their interfaces are reduced  to a minimum. Accessing and attacking these complex self-regulating systems by, for example, strikes, physical encounters, or inputting decisions is getting harder. Why do infrastructures seem so invisible or inaccessible? Which scientific, political, and aesthetic implications coalesce under and above their shells? How should we understand their functions and mechanisms? What are the appropriate tools and methods to cope with their immateriality and complexity? How can rampant complexity be aesthetically mapped and where are radical navigations possible?


We invite proposals for mapping opaque and hidden infrastructures, and speculations for progressive and conscious navigation. Contributions should not exceed 15 Minutes. The programme will be presented at ‘Artists Unlimited’ for Nachtansichten Bielefeld (Germany), 30. April 2016 ( Travel expenses and limited artists fees can be offered.


Please send your proposals – videos, lectures, performances – to untill 04.04.2016.


Curated by: Giorgi Gago Gagoshidze & Tekla Aslanishvili.
Infrastructured by: Artists Unlimited ( & //re_vision medienkollektiv

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